Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lots of Craziness

Chemo last round, was something else. I remember getting really nauseated and asking for something for it. Well they gave me something. Whatever it was they gave me knocked me to next Tuesday. As in I don't remember anything until Tuesday and it was Thursday that I had chemo. Unfortunately, it didn't knock me out, it just made me difficult. Poor Alex had 3 two years to take care of. He was begging me to just take an Ambien and go to sleep, get some rest. He can take care of the kids, don't worry, just rest. I was in a crazy paranoid state that I don't even know how to explain. Well now I know it isn't the narcotics that I can't stand it's actually the chemo that does it to me. Only 1 more to go and that is Tomorrow.

We have had a couple of crazy weeks. First the netbook acted up, like the V-hold on an old TV not working. Alex had just gotten it for me 6 weeks earlier. So he took it back to Target and got a new one. They gave him a little grief, but they finally exchanged it for him. That's when the cable went out for 2 days! Let's see, the cable and AC went out on the same day too. So you can imagine just how much fun we were having over here.

Then on top of it all, I picked up something. I've been running a fever, which when your receiving chemo, will send your doctors into a panic. I've had to go into the office twice to receive IV fluids. Plus a third office visit, to make sure I didn't need more fluids. They now have me on 2 different antibiotics and a mouthwash for thrush, just in case. OH! I almost forgot, my neck! It has a radiation burn. It is like a really super-bad sunburn, right at the base of my neck. It has turned like a deep magenta and is peeling. They had to give me a special creme for that too. I promise Alex has not been choking me, even if the burn marks do fit his hands. I just keep telling myself 1 chemo (tomorrow) and 9 radiations treatments left. It's the homestretch, I can do it!

Some good news to end this on, we closed on the townhouse yesterday. We only have 1 mortgage! I thought we'd never sell that place. If I knew how to do a jig, I would be doing one right now!!