Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like these...

Some days the whining and crying can just wear me down, the dog is underfoot, the laundry is piled up and dust bunnies are procreating well, like bunnies. But then there are days like today, Venus is aligned with Jupiter's shadow and Mars is rising in Venus' eclipse or something or another. All I know is today is golden, and I want it to move a little bit slower so I can savor it.

Everyone in the house woke up in a great mood, we got out the door on time and are on schedule. I just laid the twins down for a morning nap. I just opened the gate and they were happy to race up the stairs to the cribs. Sean is playing with his feet jabbering away. I believe he is telling Katie a bed-time story. She is listening with her undivided attention. Earlier Katie was following Bandit around the house laughing and giggling. Sean then thought it would be fun to feed Bandit a bottle of milk and Katie was hand feeding him her cereal. Cole was dancing to the Imagination Movers and Katie was trying to sing and dance with him.

I know the dust, laundry, and dishes should be bothering me, but I'll get to them a little later. I just want to enjoy my children today. Funny enough, I just realized my own shirt is inside out! Good times, good times. I think Cole and I are going to snuggle up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watch a movie while the twins are napping.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Herding Cats

It just didn't seem right to mix the 2 blogs together. I have all kinds of news about the kids. Let's see. My babies are walking! WALKING! Have you ever heard the expression, "Herding cats" Well that is what chasing 1 year old twins around the house is like. I have gates up all over, it is just for containment. Alex wants to take the gates down so the twins can learn to navigate the stairs. He reminds me Cole was up and down the stairs by 10 months. So I remind him, there were two of us to chase 1 child. Now it is 3 children. 3. Are you nuts? We have three floors in our townhouse and the main living area is the second floor. So while 1 child is going up, one is going down and the other is in the bathroom doing only God knows what. No! I NEED containment for my sanity.

Yesterday was Olivia's 17th birthday. Crazy. We are getting letters in the mail from every college and university in the country it seems. She is driving (learner's permit now - license next month), she has a steady boyfriend and is getting ready for Prom. She got her hair highlighted and is starting to tan in preparation. This weekend we'll start shopping for Prom dresses, which I am so excited about. I may be more excited than she is!

Cole is as precocious as he has ever been. The other day, he and Alex were walking down the stairs and he looks out the front window. "Shit! It's raining!" Then he goes to the back door and looks out, "SHIT! It's raining here too!" I am so glad that it was with Alex, I think I would've laughed so hard it would've just encouraged him more. He now understands that is a word we don't say, so he keeps reminding Daddy, that is "not very, not nice."

The video of the kids walking is about 5 minutes, so I chose a 30 second video instead, just so you could see how cute they are!

Well at the moment, I can smell a stinky diaper so I need to go herd the cats...

Did you really pierce your tongue?

Has it really been a month since I last Blogged! Shame on me. Just shock and disgust...well, okay...I'm not going to go that far but I should at least have my hand slapped and be put in time-out. Yes! Time-out! Please may I have a Time-Out! I'll sit very quietly on the naughty-stair for 35 minutes. (You know, 1 minute for every year old that you are.) Ah, silent can dream.

So looking back at my last blog entry, I named it Mid-Life Crisis. HA! That is funny, see about 2 weeks ago I went and got my nose, tongue and belly button pierced. I thought Alex was going to flip his lid when I got home, but surprisingly he liked it! He thought I was just going to get my nose pierced. I knew if I told him I was going to do the others, he would've either talked me out of it or at least do one at a time. The next day, I decided if I could take all those then I was going to put a second set of holes in my ears. I got an old set of piercing studs out of the jewelry box and did it myself. I'm done now. Everyone keeps asking if I am going to get a tattoo next. No. Never wanted one. They are too permanent.

Now, Olivia recorded me getting my tongue pierced. I am going to try and add it to the blog - hopefully I won't have any issues.

Watch at your own risk!!