Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh my gosh, invisible...

Cole is learning The Pledge of Allegiance. I want to catch it on video, so I want to wait for him to be in just the right mood. I don't want him to say it too much either and realize the correct words. "...oh my gosh, invisible, with biverty, and Justin for all." Too cute!

He is starting to get a sense that he really is a big boy. When we are out and about, he'll walk by people and kind of do the head nod and say, "Hay! How's it going?" and if he sees a toddler, he'll walk over and pat the child on the head, "Hay there, Little Fella!" I am just amazed by him everyday, not to mention proud. He uses his big voice and will ask, "Excuse me sir, I would like 2 cookies please." He says it so clearly and confidently, with complete manners, strangers just give him whatever he wants. I look at him and wonder where did he get all this charm from? He loves to take strangers by the hand and walk them over to the stroller to show them his babies. "This is Sean, and this is Katie" and then proceeds to answer questions about what a big helper he is to Mom and how he loves his babies.

Yesterday at coffee when we were leaving, he walked over to his playmate, Ella. Gave her a big hug and kiss and walked off. Stopped as if he forgot something, went and tapped her on the shoulder, "Ella, I love you! Bye" I am going to be in so much trouble!
(Sidenote: Yes I have tried talking to him about the dangers of talking to strangers. His response, "But Mom, I LIKE talking to people!" Please Lord, keep him safe!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What in the world is wrong with me?

Olivia and I started our Survivor Diet yesterday. We each had our cup of rice and 4 shrimp. We had the shrimp all planned out for the week and yesterday, I drank about 120 oz of water. Olivia, may have drank about 60 oz, which is really good for her. Today we have had our rice and are saving the shrimp for dinner. She is at work and Alex and I watched Slumdog Millionaire (which is an awesome movie and worthy of all the accolades it has received). Well after watching the movie I thought about my recent trip to Sam's club and all the food I just bought. I thought how people in this world are legitimately starving, and here we are doing it for fun?!

Well as I am sitting here feeling guilty and thinking about all of this, she texts me and asks if she can watch her boyfriend eat (to spend time with him.) I told her, she needs to eat with him. I am not going to encourage her to starve herself and I am eating. She said she is going to do it anyway without me, but I am taking the shrimp and rice and making Jambalaya instead.

I think I had one of those instances where I realized I am the adult and need to be encouraging healthy behavior. Plus I can't let all that chipotle hummus go bad. *evil grin*

Friday, May 1, 2009

Survivor Mania

I have been trying to look at my personality objectively, and have come to realize I am an obsessive person. I don't think I am Obsessive-Compulsive, just Obsessive (contrary to whatever previous blogs have said!) I have found a get really obsessed with an idea, a tv-show, food, hobby and am like a dog with a bone. I just won't let it go. I found if I fight it, it takes longer to get over; if I go with it, I can move on faster and have a few weeks of calm without having an obsession. Some recent examples: Forums on MomsCharlotte, exercising, needing to get pierced, Facebook, YoVille, Texas Hold'em, my blog. So what does all of this enlightenment have to do with Survivor? Here it is...

Alex, Olivia and I have really become obsessed with Survivor (Ok, I have and am forcing it on them). I have been getting previous seasons from Netflix, so we watch Survivor almost every night. I had this crazy idea last night of going on a Survivor Diet. Well, Olivia being a typical teenage girl latches on to the idea. So we have set up a plan and it goes into effect tomorrow.

We each get a cup of rice and 3 oz of protein, plus drinking 100 oz of water a day. We are going to set up 'mini-challenges' for ourselves, and the winner gets an extra 2 oz of protein at dinner. We are both so excited about it. We are going to weigh ourselves and do this for a week. Neither one of us expect to keep whatever weight off that we lose, but think it will be fun to see what the contestants put themselves through on a small scale (plus the comforts of a bed and shower). Hopefully I won't be too lethargic and will be able to keep you posted on our progress.

Alex, is not joining us. When we told him about it and just shook his head, (he knows we are crazy). He asked will there still be food in the house for him and the kids, and I said Of Course! So he just shook his head again, OK crazy lady...enjoy your bone!