Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You just Nasty!

So last week was my birthday and my best friend took me to get a pedicure. It was slow in there being the middle of the week. There was one customer in there and only 2 technicians. I have been going to that salon for 10 years and know one of the ladies is the owner. I don't get to go all the time but at least often enough so my feet don't get grody. Over 10 years, I've gotten to know the ladies. They are very sweet, do an excellent job. I've seen them pregnant and they've seen me pregnant. When I was real big and huge with the twins(and couldn't see my feet); I would walk in and they would come get me and say I was right on time for my appointment, skipping me to the front of the line. When it came to the massage part, they would spend an extra long time on me. I was so grateful. So it's easy to say, we have grown a bond.Well, we walk in and the owner seats us right away. We have our feet soaking in the water and the owner gets started on me. I casually glance over at the other customer and she is getting her heels scrubbed. I calculate the time in my head and that usually is about 10-15 minutes until the end. Ok, not bad. She will be over to help Von in a short bit. No problem. Von and I haven't seen each other in a week, so we had a lot of catching up to do. We are engrossed in our little world, catching up when the owner says something to the other technician in Vietnamese. There were a few tense words and we could tell the technician was very irritated. The owner got to a stopping point, had me soak my feet again and started working on Von.
About that point, the technician and the other customer started exchanging words. Von and I got quiet and couldn't help but hear everything going on. The technician was pissed! I have never seen her lose her temper or even be rude to a customer in the 10 years I had been going there so it really got my attention.
She jumped out of her seat and was telling the customer, "I been scrubbing you feet for 30 minute! You just nasty! You can't come in here 1 time a year and get all that nastiness off. You need to go have that lasered. I have 2 witness, I scrub you feet for 30 minute! No more!" You must picture this with the accent too!
The customer, "Well this is not a timed service, you need to keep scrubbing until my feet are smooth like my legs. I will not pay you for poor service. This is not acceptable!"
The owner hear's this and she jumps out of her seat, "You no PAY?! I call Police! You pay! You come in here 1 time a year? We no need your business you pay and never come back! I call Police!"
At this point all three ladies are pretty much repeating themselves yelling and talking over each other. The technician looks at me and says, "I have witness!" I can feel Von on my other side trying to will me to stay out of it, but these are my girls! I gotta have their back, so I nod Yes several times. I couldn't say anything, because I was afraid I'd start laughing and make matters worse.
Finally the customer says, "You need to paint my nails!" The technician says exactly what I was thinking. "Why I paint you nails, if you no pay?!" At which point the customer said she will pay if the technician would just finish and paint her nails. At this point she continues to scrub her feet, with all her might. I'm sure she wanted to hurt her or make her bleed or something. She finally gets to painting her nails. By this time the owner has finished both mine and Von's pedicures. After she left, I took a picture of the nastiness that came off her feet which was in the trash can. In the picture, you'll see a bunch of green looking snot. No, it's not snot but the skin that was only the last 5 minutes worth of scrubbing. There was plenty more beneath the pad. I can't even imagine what her feet looked like before we got there. Poor Von was about to be sick at the sight of it.