Monday, November 17, 2008

Blink of an eye

Wow! Where is the time going? I can't believe it is Mid-November. I'm afraid if I blink, it will be February and I will have missed all the festivities and birthdays to come. This year is what we call our "Big Thanksgiving." We have all of my family and Alex's family coming to our house. So it will be about 30-35 people. We will be having Turkey, Ham, Leg of Lamb and all the sides. I need to make a list to get organized of what to do so I don't get overwhelmed. Cleaning, shopping, early cooking, cleaning, finishing up some projects, cleaning. Oh maybe I should get organized first.

And as if Big Thanksgiving isn't enough, we are doubling it up with a baby-shower as well. Alex's niece, Alex, is due a few days after Thanksgiving so we are throwing the baby-shower while the family is all together. Hopefully she doesn't go into labor early, well she may be grateful to go early...

On a fun note, Katie and Sean are both in full crawling mode. Sean is actually pulling himself up to standing, but he's not cruising just yet. Soon. They are the happiest little babies you have ever seen. They are always smiling. Always. They are eating table food instead of baby food and just love it. This is such a fun age with twins. They have their own little version of Marco Polo. One will yell, "Aaaah!" and of course the other one answers "AH!" Sean is so incredibly strong, it is hard to take something away from him. He is growing so fast he will probably be Cole size by the time he is 18 months. He is in 2T clothing and Cole is in 3T. Cole can fit into 2T, they are just too short.

Cole adores being the big brother. He is always keeping on eye on the babies and afraid they will get hurt. I have to remind him sometimes that not everything they touch will hurt or choke them, mainly the toys. He must think his toys are all evil and want to hurt the babies.

Oh, and Miss Katie-Belle, is the biggest flirt with her long eyelashes and pouty lips! I can't imagine where she gets it from.Twins really are truly amazing. I love how the can be eating or playing and they just stop, look at each other, reach out and hold hands and smile at each other, then go back to what they were doing. It just melts my heart every time.

I know I need to post more pictures soon, and I will. I promise. As soon as I can catch all three kids and get them to sit still for 1 second.

One more shout out, congratulations to Eva and Thom! They welcomed their third son into the world on the 9th, Brice. He is a handsome little fellow. Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet all of her boys in person someday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Christmas Gift

This year I got the Christmas Spirit,
But I didn't really know why,
Cause some years' it just comes and goes -
And it seems to pass me by.

I've thought about this a lot,
Because it's really puzzled me.
Why do some years' I get it,
What can the difference be?

I'd watch some Christmas movies,
And buy some presents too,
But no matter how much I spent,
The feeling didn't come thru.

Then I thought about that old saying,
That 'It's better to give than receive'
And I thought
- that's it,
That's the answer, I believe.

Cause here lately I've been so busy,
Just helping a friend or two,
But I've also felt real happy,
So that old saying must be true.

I found I couldn't buy it,
I had to give it of myself,
And in doing things for others,
Happiness is what it left.

And if I told others,
About the good deeds I'd done,
I found I got recognition,
But the Christmas spirit wasn't won.

Like happiness it comes from within,
And I wanted to share it with you,
Cause it's such a good feeling,
I want you to have it too.

Author - Joan Tall

Friday, November 7, 2008

New baby or a farm...hmmm....

Cindy had a baby boy! He weighed in at 7lbs and 11 oz. Momma and William are doing great. We went to the hospital to visit yesterday, oh he had the new baby smell. Alex said I was like a crazed maniac. So I just calmly reminded him to never get in the way of me seeing a newborn. Unless he wanted his own new, tiny, little wiggly bundle of baby goodness, he had better let me get my baby fix! Which at this he realized I wasn't kidding and gave me the look. You know the look:

"Woman, you are pushing 2 babies in a stroller at the moment and you are even contemplating another? Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Well I haven't lost my mind, so you can just put that thought out of your head!" (Do you like how I read so much into his looks? He was probably really thinking, "I married a crazy woman" but we all know that, so....)

I was amazed at how well Cindy looked! I had to have a c-section each time and seeing her up and about, smiling and walking, makes me realize there is a reason babies come out the way they do.

You know they say everything happens for a reason, and I have just figured out something big. I needed fertility treatments to get the babies in there and needed to have major surgery to get them out; maybe that is a form of birth control for me, in an odd sort of way. Otherwise I would probably end up like that lady with the 17 kids and Alex would be committing me to an asylum. Bless his heart, he has a big job keeping me in check. If it were up to me, we would have a zoo. I would love a small farm with a goat or two, some chickens and a pig. You know, I might have better luck trying to talk him into a small farm outside the city for thought. Oh my gosh, I might actually be able to get a monkey then!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


It's on odd sort of feeling when your life is a Tilt-A-Whirl and when the ride comes to a stop and you realize you were the only one on it. Everyone else has been going on about their business, buying cotton candy, looking for the porta-johns, and on their own rides that they didn't notice the crazy ride you were just on. At one point, you want to wave your arms around like a maniac, "Did you just see that craziness?" but then at the same time, you waiting for the world to stop spinning and not sure you want to answer questions, so you think you'll just sit on the bench for a minute to catch your breath.

Ok. So I think I have caught my breath. Amy and Kris have found a place to live and it's not under a bridge! Actually they found a cute little place in a safer neighborhood for less then they were spending. They are moved in and now just have to unpack. They may need to sleep for week first, but at least there is no hurry to get settled. Amy is now on medication for seizures so hopefully she'll get her health on track now. Her license has been revoked by the state due to the seizure, but luckily she has found a job right across the street from her new apartment and starts tomorrow. I think her luck is finally starting to turn around. *knock on wood*

Paul has opened up his new business! Halloween was the first day open that Cigars Central was open! It is on Independence Blvd just a couple doors down from Earth Angel.

Katie and Sean are on the move! I am only able to write right now because they are napping. Katie is crawling/log-rolling/arming crawling where-ever she wants to go. She is quick and very determined. She doesn't forget anything either. Distraction does not work on this child, it just ticks her off. Sean doesn't quite have the crawling down yet but he is on the move as well. They just love going in opposite directions. I think they have already figured out I can only chase one of them at a time. They will just look at each other and laugh. Oh such a fun game! Well I wanted to loose weight, I'm sure I will now! Oh did I forget to mention Sean is off the chart? He is in 2T clothing and weighs 24 lbs! Cole weighs in at 32 pounds and Katie is at 18. You should see the game we play sometimes. Katie and Sean each on a hip and Cole getting a piggy back ride. I'll see if I can get someone to take a picture to post. 74 pounds of children + me= too much to put in writing (damn Wii fit, I am not obese!!)

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. No I didn't win the blogging contest. I came in second to last, but I find it kind of humorous. I actually put in an earlier post not to sign up just to vote for me! Ha Ha! What I didn't realize was the hosts were using the contest as a membership drive! You've got to admit, it is pretty funny! Here I am thinking I have all this integrity and I completely missed the point of the contest. Oops, my bad!

Oh, one more thing. Cindy has not had the baby yet. She is due Nov 9th and feeling every bit of it, bless her heart. We saw them on Halloween. They were on their way home and I really wanted a minute to talk to them, but a three year old football player was have a candy meltdown and I had to keeping moving. Alex talked to them for a minute. Soon, anyday now, anyday.

Whoops the babes are awake. I guess that's it for today. I bet you thought it was my life that has been a Tilt-A-Whirl these past couple of weeks. You didn't realize it was my writing style today that is just here and there and now YOU are dizzy. What just happened? Here is a bench my friend...