Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Spanked My Child Today

I spanked my child today.
She'd torn her dress at play,
And tracked across the rug,
And laughed at me with such a smug,
Defiant, impish way
I sort of lost my head.
I spanked her till her little
Spanking place was red . . .
But now that she's in bed
I don't know what to say . . .
A sleeping child is such a tender sight.
One hand upflung against the pillow white.
A toy still clutched; the fair hair mussed . . .
If I've betrayed Your sacred trust,
Oh, Lord of little children, please forgive,
And let me live
Tomorrow to outweigh.
I wish I hadn't spanked my child today.

-From "As Tall as My Heart"
-By Marjorie Holmes

Monday, April 30, 2012

Jack and Sam are here!

Wow! Has it really been almost a year since my last post. Let's see if I can do a fast update and will sincerely try to be more regular (Activia!) no that's not what I mean. It's been so long that I last wrote a post, the user interface is completely different and am trying to learn it on the fly.

I always seem to lead with TMI, so if I'm blogging, I'm nursing. So please excuse the typos or grammar errors you may see. I'm typing over the twins heads. Yes that's right, I had a very successful pregnancy. I went to 37 weeks 1 day, which is what I did with the first set of twins. Samantha was born at 6 lbs 4 oz and Jack was born at 7 lbs 13 oz. So if you are adding that correctly, it is over 14 lbs of baby! Everyone was healthy and able to go home on time. I did have my OB go ahead and tie my tubes, just on the off chance of an Oops!

When we were originally thinking of names, we liked Danielle and Jack. Sounds pretty good together right? Danielle and Jack, Jack and Danielle. Hmm sounds kind of familiar. Jack and Danielle. Jack and Diane? No that's not it... hmm Jack Daniels! OH NO! Hence Jack and Samantha! Cha-ching! Thank God she looks like a Samantha and not a Danielle. They are really GREAT babies. I laugh and tell Alex, they are so chill because they were on ice for 5 years.

Oh, one last thing both sets of twins... their birthdays are 2 weeks apart. Yes 4 birthdays in 2 weeks. Oh Lord help me!