Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy you have boobies, and I have a sword!

So Cole has noticed the difference between boys and girls. "Mommy you have boobies and I have a sword!" He wasn't talking about his penis though, he was talking about a literal Nerf sword. Only boys can play with swords, that is NOT a girl toy, duh! Of course, my mind cracked up because he put it in one sentence. I now give him 10 years and he will be dying for a girl to play with his sword.
After dinner last night he was proud of his belly and was sticking it out as far as he could. He told Katie to feel his belly, he has a baby in there. I stopped him right there, "No hun, only girls can grow babies in their tummies." I had barely finished what I was saying and knew the next line. "No Katie is not growing a baby in her belly, not until she is way, way, WAY older!"
Luckily, the door locks have been working so I am very happy to say I have less to report on. School starts next week, kindergarten! He is wanting to get his hair cut before then. So it will be Alex's job to take him this weekend and tell him he is only getting a trim not a buzz cut. He has the most beautiful hair, hair most women would kill for. Hair many men would kill for too. Cole said it makes him look like a girl, so we need to convince him how handsome it is. This picture was taken right after his last trim.

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