Friday, May 1, 2009

Survivor Mania

I have been trying to look at my personality objectively, and have come to realize I am an obsessive person. I don't think I am Obsessive-Compulsive, just Obsessive (contrary to whatever previous blogs have said!) I have found a get really obsessed with an idea, a tv-show, food, hobby and am like a dog with a bone. I just won't let it go. I found if I fight it, it takes longer to get over; if I go with it, I can move on faster and have a few weeks of calm without having an obsession. Some recent examples: Forums on MomsCharlotte, exercising, needing to get pierced, Facebook, YoVille, Texas Hold'em, my blog. So what does all of this enlightenment have to do with Survivor? Here it is...

Alex, Olivia and I have really become obsessed with Survivor (Ok, I have and am forcing it on them). I have been getting previous seasons from Netflix, so we watch Survivor almost every night. I had this crazy idea last night of going on a Survivor Diet. Well, Olivia being a typical teenage girl latches on to the idea. So we have set up a plan and it goes into effect tomorrow.

We each get a cup of rice and 3 oz of protein, plus drinking 100 oz of water a day. We are going to set up 'mini-challenges' for ourselves, and the winner gets an extra 2 oz of protein at dinner. We are both so excited about it. We are going to weigh ourselves and do this for a week. Neither one of us expect to keep whatever weight off that we lose, but think it will be fun to see what the contestants put themselves through on a small scale (plus the comforts of a bed and shower). Hopefully I won't be too lethargic and will be able to keep you posted on our progress.

Alex, is not joining us. When we told him about it and just shook his head, (he knows we are crazy). He asked will there still be food in the house for him and the kids, and I said Of Course! So he just shook his head again, OK crazy lady...enjoy your bone!


  1. hey, I haven't showered for 3+ days. Can I play?

    Perhaps instead of labeling yourself as Obsessive (sounds a bit negative) could call yourself Passionate? You become Passionate about whatever you are into at the moment and put your all into it...

    yea, let us know how it goes...

  2. Our family likes that show too. I haven't watched this past season, but I'm quite certain I would NOT like to eat like they eat there! Interesting experiment, though!

  3. I completely understand this. I get the same way. Except I have no patience to go with it so whatever *it is at the time has to be right now!!! lol