Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Me

My New Year's resolution is to sit down and blog more often. It truly is therapy for me, and I am going to make the time dammit! Right now I'm getting ready to head to Cole's school to have lunch with him. They have lunch at 10:30 and I usually am only a quarter way through my coffee at that point. I want to surprise him and make him happy, so off I go to eat a cafeteria school lunch with my boy. I thought once I was out of school I'd never eat that crap again. Never did I realize they sucker you back to eat with your child.

Maybe it's because it's a new age and time. My mom never came to school to eat with me. None of my friends mom's did either though, for that point. I think it would have been embarrassing to a child back then. Cole has asked me a couple of times, so I guess he's not embarrassed yet! I know that time will be coming soon enough too. He is already conscious of what he wears and fitting in, and he is only in Kindergarten. Five year old boys should not care what they are wearing! Again, it is a different time.

Katie on the other hand, has it in spades! Not the embarrassment part, but the fashion part. She has her nails painted (by Olivia, with glitter) and her hair up in a bow that matches her pretty little flowered blouse. Yes it is a blouse, not a shirt, trust me! She wanted to wear her "pretty shoes" which is the black patented baby-doll shoes with a bow and a slight heel. I know! I can't believe they would put a heel on a shoe meant for a 2 yr old, but it was that or no dress shoes. She loves hearing them click, click, click. She wanted to wear them today, but they will be running around the playground at preschool so I made her wear sneakers.

Sean and Katie are counting to 10 now and it cracks me up. They say it with perfect twin unison, hmm, twinison. Well after we count to 10, every time Katie says, "Here I come!" I guess you can tell there has been a lot of hide-n-seek with the kids. Oh! 10:15, time to run to Cole's school. Please Lord, don't let me embarrass him yet. Give me a few more years, please!!!

Quick update, just returned and it went great of course. He gave me lots of hugs and kisses right there in the cafeteria. He introduced me to everyone he saw, and even posed for a picture.

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