Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm in love!

Is that a crazy thing for a parent to say? I'm in love with my child. I'm in love with my children. I look at them and my heart swells. I need to kiss their little dirty faces until they're smooshed. I love each of them the same and differently at the same time.

Cole is such a precocious little snuggler. He talks like it's nobody's business, has an opinion on everything (hmm, sounds a little familiar) and is not afraid to tell anybody who will listen that he is right about everything. He gives the best hugs ever! He loves art. He colors and makes pictures everyday. I swear the kid can draw better than I can, granted that doesn't set the bar very high. He never meets a stranger. I've tried to explain "stranger-danger" to him and he doesn't understand, part of me hopes he never does and he keeps the innocence. If a cute little blond boy starts chatting you up at the grocery store, chances are you've met my Cole.

Katie is such a girlie girl. She is my princess. She loves to have her hair fixed, wants make up on, loves dresses and is just so damn cute I can barely stand it. Every morning, she tells me 1 or 2. That is how she wants her hair fixed, either a ponytail/top-knot or piggy-tails. Now that her hair is getting a little longer, I'm going to try and give her more options. She is adamant about her clothing, she will not wear something she doesn't want to wear. She's not even 3 yet! Seriously! She loves showing off her earrings. There is something about the way she carries herself. I will catch myself just staring at her. She is beautiful and cute at the same time. Thank GOD she has 2 brothers. One older and one much bigger twin. Then there is always Daddy after that.

Sean, he is just the man. He is so independent and focused. He will take 2 separate toys and put them together to make a new game. He is happy to play with his brother or sister or just do his own thing. He is so sweet and loving, especially towards Katie. Cole had a hat that Katie wanted. Sean just walked over and snatched it off his head and gave it to Katie. We are trying to teach him he can't just take anything Katie wants. He is such a bruiser! He takes knocks like it's nothing. He plays hard too, he doesn't understand not everyone can take a hit like he can.

So yes, I'm in love. I feel happy and complete. I find myself grabbing a child to hug or kiss whenever my arms are empty, smelling their hair, or feeling their sweet little hands on my cheek. I'm just trying to enjoy every day that I can right now. Before I know it, I'll be hitting the preteen years and oh boy!

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