Thursday, October 2, 2008

Panic subsiding, reality returning

So my last blog I was in panic mode, ok, I was in PANIC mode. We really don't know much more than we did at the beginning of the week but I am at least handling it all better. I am just calling it Black Monday. On the way to school that day, Olivia and I saw a guy lying on the ground in front of a bus stop with the EMT's attending to him. We were scared he had gotten hit by the bus, but he had a heart attack. Either way, we both just felt really bad. Then the whole thing with Wachovia, ugh! To top it all off, Amy's landlord called and said she needs to move out. She's lived there for years and they had never renewed the lease but have been going month to month for so long, I think she forgot about it. Well the landlord hasn't been paying the HOA fees and is really behind. So he is going to try and sell the property to keep the HOA from foreclosing. Unfortunately, this puts Amy in a bad situation.

So once we got her calmed down and let her know we can make it through this one step at a time, she felt much better. So she and Kris have been out apartment hunting. That's always fun! (rolling eyes) We went ahead and made the decision that Olivia will live here through-out the school year to give her stability and give Amy a chance to move and get on her feet with everything else going on.


The AC is still only working intermittently. Alex is going to call someone to take a look at it just to tell what is wrong and how much it'll cost. Alex thinks it may be a capacitor. Of course I couldn't resist and just had to ask if it was a flux capacitor.


Olivia got a new cell phone since her old one broke. She is now on her Dad's plan instead of her Mom's. She was explaining to us that Verizon lets you text more than 150 characters at a time. But first she had to ask us if we knew what a character is. Alex = Desktop Engineer/Programmer/Tech Lead; he better know what a character is or Wachovia could be in trouble. Oh wait, they did that on their own. So she was so excited to text her friend in Winston-Salem and tell her this long story all in one text. She didn't have to break it up. So Alex says, "if it is that long, why don't you just call her?"

Her response, "Then, what would I say?" I am certain teenagers are from another planet!


Paul is opening up a Cigar Store next to his current business Earth Angel (on Independence Blvd near Cricket Arena. Yeah, I am doing a little unpaid advertising). Kris has been helping him get it all set up. Installing a flat screen TV and running wire and stuff. He knew he had to put a hole in the wall to run the wire. Paul told him where the tools where in his garage, so Kris stopped by there on the way to the store. Once they finished, Kris asked Paul if he could borrow his house key.

Paul: Yeah, but don't you have one.
Kris: Yes, but I locked my keys in your house.
Paul: Well then how did you get here?
Kris: Well I have one of those spare key magnets under the car.
Paul: Sure, just leave the key on the kitchen table and I can get in through the garage.

A couple of hours later, Paul is at home and working on the books. He gets a knock at the door and is wondering who is there so late in the evening. He opens the door and finds Kris standing there with a bag of Chinese food. When he came by that afternoon to drop off the tools and pick up his keys, he forgot to get his keys and left Paul's key on the table. He had locked himself out again! He was too embarrassed to come over empty handed, so he brought Paul dinner and they kicked back and watched the Alabama game. Thank God he's pretty!


One last note. Cole just lifted my shirt and said I don't have a belly, it's flat like his. Awe, my sweet angel, do you want some chocolate? That SO makes up for telling me I'm not pretty or beautiful last week. Seriously, I think he is having flashbacks to when I was pregnant with the twins. He kept putting his ear to my belly and listening. Now if he could only convince the Wii Fit that my belly is fat and I am not obese. (Whoops Freudian slip, I meant flat!) Hmmm. I'll work on that.

I just love my family. They are always giving me material to blog about!


  1. Well, first off.. the Wii Fit lies!!! LIES I TELL YOU!

    Second of all, you're right, Thank God Kris is pretty because... 2 times?! lol

    And second of all.. hopefully I can come over tomorrow. Call me later.. Gotta start some dinner.

  2. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who gives you stories to blog about... I didn't even know about the situation with Kris being locked out!

  3. Love the comment about your family always giving you something to blog about! My sister, who has no clue about blogging, asked me the other day "what on earth could you possibly write about?" and I said "I have 4 kids...need I say more?".