Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Karmas around...

I have known Alex since I was 16. We met while he was on leave from the Navy. Once he served his time (sounds like prison) and came back to Charlotte, we started hanging out. I chased him for an entire year before he would date me. So if you are keeping up with the math, he waited until I was legal, 18. We dated for a few years and broke up. We were young and both had some growing up to do.

Well the years passed and we had lost touch with each other. It happens, you know. Well at this time in my life I was working for my Stepdad, Paul, at his lingerie store. We were going to be filming a commercial and I had contacted an old friend to star in it. I knew her back when Alex and I dated, she and I worked together. The night before we were to film, she called and said she wasn't comfortable doing the commercial because of the 'adult' contents we also sold. I told her I completely understood, but she would be in full silk pajamas. I ended up filling in the next day, and I am sure I didn't bring in any extra business. Well, I tried. Anyway, I hadn't talked to her in 7 years, so no skin off my nose.

Well just a few short weeks later, Alex ran into her at a bar or something. He asked her if she knew how to find me, and she said told him the story and how to find me. He then called me at the store and and we took it slow at first. We were both getting advice not to trust the other because of the past, but we both saw through and gave it our all. Within months, we had bought our townhouse. We were happy and comfortable and thought you know, if we want to have kids we better get started. I wasn't getting and younger. Then as an afterthought, oh we should probably get married if we are planning a family. So we ran down to the islands and had a romantic wedding on the beach. It was perfect.

Now to the present, it's been 7 years since Alex ran into Sunday and she told him how to find me. I ran into her today at Rite-Aid. She is still as beautiful as ever. She remembered me right away and gave me a big hug. She looked down at Sean and Katie and said I've been busy. I told her I have, thanks to her! She was so confused so I told her the story, all the parts she didn't know. How important that one little conversation with Alex was. She was floored. She is just now celebrating her 1st anniversary herself and is trying to conceive.

I told her I have three beautiful children, partly thanks to her and I hope Karma will take care of her. So everyone, please send some baby dust, prayers, and well wishes to Sunday. I owe her my life!


  1. WOW. I'm so glad to hear the whole story of you and Alex.. I can't believe you ran into her!! Wow! I'll send baby dust her way. :) See you in a few hours!