Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Christmas Gift

This year I got the Christmas Spirit,
But I didn't really know why,
Cause some years' it just comes and goes -
And it seems to pass me by.

I've thought about this a lot,
Because it's really puzzled me.
Why do some years' I get it,
What can the difference be?

I'd watch some Christmas movies,
And buy some presents too,
But no matter how much I spent,
The feeling didn't come thru.

Then I thought about that old saying,
That 'It's better to give than receive'
And I thought
- that's it,
That's the answer, I believe.

Cause here lately I've been so busy,
Just helping a friend or two,
But I've also felt real happy,
So that old saying must be true.

I found I couldn't buy it,
I had to give it of myself,
And in doing things for others,
Happiness is what it left.

And if I told others,
About the good deeds I'd done,
I found I got recognition,
But the Christmas spirit wasn't won.

Like happiness it comes from within,
And I wanted to share it with you,
Cause it's such a good feeling,
I want you to have it too.

Author - Joan Tall

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