Monday, November 3, 2008


It's on odd sort of feeling when your life is a Tilt-A-Whirl and when the ride comes to a stop and you realize you were the only one on it. Everyone else has been going on about their business, buying cotton candy, looking for the porta-johns, and on their own rides that they didn't notice the crazy ride you were just on. At one point, you want to wave your arms around like a maniac, "Did you just see that craziness?" but then at the same time, you waiting for the world to stop spinning and not sure you want to answer questions, so you think you'll just sit on the bench for a minute to catch your breath.

Ok. So I think I have caught my breath. Amy and Kris have found a place to live and it's not under a bridge! Actually they found a cute little place in a safer neighborhood for less then they were spending. They are moved in and now just have to unpack. They may need to sleep for week first, but at least there is no hurry to get settled. Amy is now on medication for seizures so hopefully she'll get her health on track now. Her license has been revoked by the state due to the seizure, but luckily she has found a job right across the street from her new apartment and starts tomorrow. I think her luck is finally starting to turn around. *knock on wood*

Paul has opened up his new business! Halloween was the first day open that Cigars Central was open! It is on Independence Blvd just a couple doors down from Earth Angel.

Katie and Sean are on the move! I am only able to write right now because they are napping. Katie is crawling/log-rolling/arming crawling where-ever she wants to go. She is quick and very determined. She doesn't forget anything either. Distraction does not work on this child, it just ticks her off. Sean doesn't quite have the crawling down yet but he is on the move as well. They just love going in opposite directions. I think they have already figured out I can only chase one of them at a time. They will just look at each other and laugh. Oh such a fun game! Well I wanted to loose weight, I'm sure I will now! Oh did I forget to mention Sean is off the chart? He is in 2T clothing and weighs 24 lbs! Cole weighs in at 32 pounds and Katie is at 18. You should see the game we play sometimes. Katie and Sean each on a hip and Cole getting a piggy back ride. I'll see if I can get someone to take a picture to post. 74 pounds of children + me= too much to put in writing (damn Wii fit, I am not obese!!)

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. No I didn't win the blogging contest. I came in second to last, but I find it kind of humorous. I actually put in an earlier post not to sign up just to vote for me! Ha Ha! What I didn't realize was the hosts were using the contest as a membership drive! You've got to admit, it is pretty funny! Here I am thinking I have all this integrity and I completely missed the point of the contest. Oops, my bad!

Oh, one more thing. Cindy has not had the baby yet. She is due Nov 9th and feeling every bit of it, bless her heart. We saw them on Halloween. They were on their way home and I really wanted a minute to talk to them, but a three year old football player was have a candy meltdown and I had to keeping moving. Alex talked to them for a minute. Soon, anyday now, anyday.

Whoops the babes are awake. I guess that's it for today. I bet you thought it was my life that has been a Tilt-A-Whirl these past couple of weeks. You didn't realize it was my writing style today that is just here and there and now YOU are dizzy. What just happened? Here is a bench my friend...

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  1. Glad to hear that your loved one's lives are settling down. It is so much fun (and terrifying) when the twins become mobile. But then it is the first step to them walking and doing more themselves which does make things a little easier.

    How exactly do I get off the Tilt-A-Whirl? I think that I am permanently stuck on mine!

    BTW - I tagged you for a meme, but no obligation to do it.