Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been sucked in...

I have been sucked in. Sucked into the black hole that is called Facebook. I have had a couple of friends telling me I need to get a page. (Is that the correct terminology? page?) So I finally took the plunge and my fears were founded. I have been sucked into the abyss.

On the upside, I have found friends I haven't seen or spoken to in about 20 years. I am amazed they remember me. Don't know why, I remember them..why shouldn't they remember me? Just my craziness I guess. What is it about reaching into your past and bringing it forward to the present? I am almost giddy, as if my teenage self is meeting my current self. All of these people were a lifetime ago, it almost seems surreal. I don't even think I know who that teenage girl was. Was she a nice person or was she a little snot. I know who she has become and am proud to be her. Do I want these two worlds to collide? Is it safe?

Back to this world...I have so much shopping left to do and wrapping. UGH! I have a beans and ham hock recipe to put in the crock pot in preparation for the BIG game this weekend. Panthers @ Giants! Go Panthers!

Maybe I haven't changed that much after all. I was a cheerleader as a teen - Go Hurricanes! Now I'm still a cheerleader. A cheerleader for my husband, my family, and of course, my Cats!

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  1. Facebook is a big black hole! I have a facebook page, too, but I try to not go on there much because then time seems to fly by and I get nothing done.