Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#21 Daddy's Girlfriend

I have had a lot of feedback regarding my previous post of "What is your favorite thing about Daddy? His Girlfriend."

Just to clarify, I am Daddy's girlfriend! Cole has been talking about boyfriends and girlfriends for a few weeks. He asked me to be his girlfriend and to marry him when he grows up. I explained that I was Daddy's girlfriend and we are already married. I told him what a great kid he is and he will have an easy time finding a girlfriend.

He has already moved on. He has decided he wants several girlfriends. He still misses Rory, his first girlfriend from Preschool, but he now has Ella and India. I generally have coffee every Weds morning with friends and he gets to play with the girls. And I cannot forget to mention, his true girlfriend, Jenna.

Jenna is one of Olivia's best friends, 17 and driving and loves Cole to pieces. Cole will often ask Olivia to call Jenna so he may profess his love. I just don't want Jenna's boyfriend to find out. I know he wouldn't stand a chance against Cole's charm and good looks!

So sorry it isn't more exciting, but I am Daddy's Girlfriend!


  1. Little kids are sooo cute and they come up with the most hilarious things sometimes. How funny, that he calls you "daddy's girlfriend."

  2. So cute!!! It's funny the things kids come up with!!

    My daughter has been talking about marriage lately, wanting to know if she can marry me. When I tell her I'm already married to Daddy, she says "okay, well, I'll just wear your wedding dress then"!