Friday, March 13, 2009

Mid Life Crisis?

On the way to school today I was pondering what makes a mid-life crisis. Amy, who is still in her 30's is a little spooked that a friend her age just became a grandparent. As I was telling Olivia about it, she was shocked. "That would have to be, like, two accidents at, like, 18 or something!" Well, yes it does happen.

So I was just rambling about my thoughts aloud. Olivia was doing her make-up so I didn't really think she was paying attention anyway. But she is, and she told me not to worry, my kids are way to young for this to happen to me. (Really? Are you sure? Do you need to think about that some more...She is so literal sometimes, I just love it) I must've given her a look because she added on, even her Mom won't becoming a grandparent anytime soon!

So on this train of thought, I'm thinking about how Alex and I have lost our Moms and a dear friend, Hank, his Mom passed away two days ago. I realize we are at the age that this starts to happen. People who mean the world to us, are passing. How can this happen? I always thought the complaining about aging was about the aches and pains you get as you grow older, the loss of memory or incontinence. I'm starting to believe that is just minor. The pain you feel of losing your family and loved ones, and watching friends go through the same thing, that is what is really hard about aging.

Getting in touch with old friends on Facebook has just confirmed that. In the past month Alex and I have each had old friends who have lost their spouses. One was sudden and unexpected, the other was a slow progression due to Lou Gehrig's disease. My heart truly aches for both of them and their children. We are way too young to be losing spouses. This just can't be. I mention maybe this is why people have a mid life crisis. I start to realize Alex and I are old enough for this stuff to happen.

Olivia graciously offers to help me get through it, if I am indeed having one. So I humor her and ask like getting a tattoo and piercings? (She has been begging to get her belly button pierced.) She says no tattoos, they are too permanent, but piercings can be removed if we don't like them.

Cole pipes up from the backseat, "Lee-la, you are not-very not-nice to my mommy!!! You nee-ed to get a tattoo with her!"

Olivia and I laughed so hard, Cole got mad at us because he was very serious. I just love three year olds!


  1. It's scary, the unknown, yet inevitable.

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  3. I know, getting old rots. I've lost both my Dad and Grandmother in the last couple of years.

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