Friday, April 30, 2010

First round Chemo and Radiation treatment

Yesterday morning started off with the Radiation right at 8:00 am. Alex was able to come into the room while they strapped me to the table like Frankenstein's monster. After that everyone cleared the room. The door to this room is no joke either it is about 6-8 inches thick. The actual radiation is done and over with in no time.

We went over to the infusion area at the Oncologist office for the chemo next. The port, as much as I complained for not having any pain management during the procedure, it was SO worth it. Anyone who ever has to go through chemo, get the port! So first they took some blood samples and checked with labs. Whatever they were checking came back fine because they stared the prechemo fluids. They hooked the IV into the port and started with hours of fluids. I'm not sure what they gave me as prep work, but they did infuse saline for 2 hours, something to make me pee, and antibiotic, and a steroid. By that time it was about noon, and we we're finally getting to the chemo. That took maybe an hour. I felt fine through all of it so far.

After the chemo, they started the post-procedure fluids. Two more hours of saline, plus the stuff to make me pee and some other stuff, that is when I really started to feel nauseated! I just knew I was going to heave and that it would be so painful due to the feeding tube in my stomach. The nurses were Johnny-on-the-spot with the anti-nausea medication in the IV. They told Alex it would make me loopy, but I wouldn't get sick. Man were they right!!

So after we got home I went straight to bed. I woke up and realized I needed help. I has so thirsty and needed some water; I needed to pee; I couldn't figure out how to turn on the TV or find the remote; I had all these things I needed and couldn't figure out how to do.

So I decided to start with the basic, just go pee then I'll deal with the rest. So I went to the bathroom and sat down to pee. I don't know how long I sat there, but it must've been a while. I decided I knew I would be finished peeing after I had sung the alphabet song to myself twice. Yes twice. I sang it once to myself in lower case, then started to sing it to myself in upper case. Well as I was singing and got to the Upper J and I lost it. I couldn't remember what comes after J. Shit. Now, I know I am really f*cked up!!!. I've lost my J's.

I finally get myself back into my bedroom. When I look, well, Alex put 5 bottles of water on my nightstand, but I couldn't figure out how to open them. The room was dark and so I thought I would text Alex to come up, but I couldn't find my cell phone to text him. I remembered I had gum in my purse and that would get my mouth moist. I finally dug it out and but couldn't get it open. At this time I realize I am hallucinating. Seriously. It was like a scene out of "Tommy Boy" when he is in the cop car and the nitrous oxide goes off in the back. Well, I can't have the kids see me stoned out of my gourd. I hear a sound outside my door and peak out. It's Olivia. Thank GOD!!!

I whisper and pull her into my room, rambling about losing my J's. She told me the kids were down for the night, so I know I am safe to go downstairs but I was too scared to walk down the them so I scooted down on my bottom. I told Alex I think I am hallucinating because I am SOO out of it and seeing trails! He took me upstairs and helped me open the water bottles. I think I drank 3 of them down immediately. He got me some dinner, and help me get ready for bed which couldn't be easy. He was my saviour! He found the phone that he laid right at my head, so when I woke up it would be easy to find. He turned on the TV because the remote was laying down right by my phone, right by my head. As for the J's he assured me if I know my alphabet in lower case, then I know them in upper case as well.

Needless to say, Alex was a little hesitant to leave me alone today. He didn't know if I was still going to be high this morning and able to care for myself, much less the kids. So he stayed home until Olivia got out of 1st period and was able to come home and help out. So all in all, I guess it went all right.

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