Monday, April 19, 2010

Great News!

I got the results from the PET scan back and the cancer is localized in my tongue and has not metastasized! When the doctor told us, I could barely pay attention to the rest of what he was saying. I am going to live, that is what I heard. I tried to process the rest of the information that he was giving me, but all I could think is I will live through this.

I start radiation and chemo soon. I am still scared half to death but I am hoping writing about it helps ease the fear of the unknown. My doctors seem very confident and competent, with good bed side manners. The nurses have been very kind and genuine. I will just put my faith in them and God to carry me through this.

The first step is tomorrow, I go into the radiation clinic to have a mask made. This mask will help the technicians line my neck up each time so the zap the right parts. After that I am off to the dentist to make sure all my teeth are in good shape. Since I'll be receiving radiation at my bottom teeth, there is a chance I could loose them later, so I need to be vigilant about their care. I will be meeting with my Oncologist on Wednesday to go over the chemotherapy schedule.

I am kind of equating all of this to a pregnancy. When you first find out you are scared to death, but know if you follow the doctors orders, you'll have a healthy little new life after all is said and down. Same here. The doctors know the steps of taking care of me. They've seen this cancer before and know how to treat it. If I listen to what they say and follow directions, there will be a new life at the other side as well, mine. I will be alive and continue on. I will look back at this and remember how scared I was, and will hopefully laugh. It's just another stepping stone in life. It's just something else that will make me stronger and hopefully compassionate and understanding as well.

It has been one week since I learned this new truth, but I can already feel how it is starting to change me. The sunshine is much brighter, my children's laughter tickles me deeper and the little things just don't bother me the way they used to. Best of all I have my best friend by my side giving me all his strength and support, cheering me on. Having Alex with me, I can endure anything.

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  1. I've been so relieved to hear this news! I love you sweetheart and will be there in every way I can be...