Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Tube is coming out Tomorrow!!!!

WARNING: For the squeamish, you may want to avoid today's blog. But you and I both know that curiosity will get the better of you, so save the time debating it and just read it.

So today are before pictures in all of it's nastiness. Once it's taken out I will post some after pictures, but you'll have to wait until Saturday for that.

If you'll notice the pictures that are close to the skin, they have an ooze around it. I was convinced that meant it was infected. It took all the doctors on my team to convince me that it is normal and not infected. You'll also notice in the first two pictures how red and irritated the skin is. The third picture, you can see all the crud or gunk inside the tube. It absolutely disgusts me. I asked the doctor how to clean it out. They said something carbonated, like ginger ale or a coke, or maybe baking soda mixed with water. Tried it all, nothing worked, unless you count vomiting as working. That last picture is after I drank a milkshake, again more ooze. Everything I eat would come up the tube and I could see partially digested food in the morning.

Some times it would be really bad. I take Ambien at night to sleep, so I would take it at night long with Thorazine. Thorazine is a very strong  (and sometimes it backs into the tube and the next morning when I flush the tube, it will knock me as if I just took the medicine!)

The twins are into everything, I'll post more later...

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