Wednesday, July 14, 2010


For those of you who Facebook, someone posted that on my wall.  There have been a lot of reasons (or as some might read, excuses) why I haven't blogged lately. One of which is I rarely get my hands on the netbook when there is quiet in the house so I can think. Right now I am actually on Alex's work computer. I probably should not be writing right now anyway, I'm just so freaking irritable. It's like someone who just slammed a 12 pack of beer, handing them the keys and telling them to drive across town.
I have been pretty irritable a lot lately, to the point I don't want to be around myself. Luckily I have an appt. with my Oncologist tomorrow. He normally draws blood to check on blood counts related to the chemotherapy. I am going to ask him to check my thyroid levels while I'm there. The cool thing about his office that is unlike any other doctor I've ever been to, is their lab is attached (yes seen that before) BUT you get the results of the blood work back in 15-20 minutes! How cool is that? So if my thyroid function comes back normal, I'm going to have him prescribe something for anger.
I saw the Radiologist last Thursday and he said I have thrush way back near the tumor (or what is left of it). He prescribed something for it and I think it almost knocked it out. My opinion is the thrush has been masking my taste buds. I can't believe how much has changed taste-wise in 1 week. It's fantastic. I'm going to see if the Oncologist can prescribe one more round to completely knock it out.
Another major change is I'm not spitting up the dead tumor anymore. It was so disgusting and nasty. Most of them were small little bits or slivers the size of a sunflower seed. One night, I woke up choking. I was coughing up part of the tumor and it was the size of my largest molar. Bleh! I am so glad that is over. I can swallow food and water now without fear of choking.
Ok, so I have completely lost my train of thought, finally called it quits and put the kids to bed.

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