Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not so angry anymore

Sorry I scared the hell out of a bunch of you. I leave off with how angry and filled with rage I am and then didn't blog for months. I have been reprimanded by several people. Please accept my humble apologies. Also please feel free to call me out on any typos you may find. I have the spell check turned on, but it does not seem to be working.
Let's see, since I last truly blogged a lot has happened. I am at peace with myself and the cancer. I'm trying to find all the positive in having cancer that I can. First and foremost, if someone in my house was going to have cancer, thank you God for letting it be me. I am a strong woman, but I am not strong enough to watch my children suffer. God bless all the parents who are dealing with this on a daily basis, you are at the top of my prayers. Cancer is blessing in that you find out how much you are loved as they carry you through you weakest moments.
OK, now on to the fun stuff. I just posted a quick list of funny moments in the past months. Oddly enough I wrote that months ago and forgot to publish it. Since then Katie got her ears pierced! She was sucha little champ about it too. She didn't cry or yell. She just told the lady afterward, "You hurt me" then hopped off the chair and said Sean's turn! Sean is getting much better at using his words. Sometimes he just speaks his little Sean-speak, and others it sounds like an 8 year old with perfect language skills. I just never know with him. I love when we have a conversation, I may not understand but I do. He tells me things and pauses with a sigh and checks to make sure I am looking him directly in the eye. Sometimes he'll reach up and caress me check so sweetly as he talks. He'll continue talking looking around and then cut his eyes over in the cutest little way. Some nights he'll talk to me like that for 5-10 minutes. My theory is between Katie and Cole, he can't get a word in so he saves it up for bedtime and is recounting his day to me. Cole is loving kindergarten. LOVES it. He has a girlfriend, of course. Her name is Blair with golden hair, blue eyes and she always has her hair fixed and loves to wear dresses. They are coloring buddy. A new girl started in his class and really took a liking to Cole. He said to her, I'm sorry but I already have a girlfriend. He told me at home, "I only like HOT girls, not just pretty ones!" I told Alex the story so when he got home he asked Cole about it so he could hear the story. Cole added on this time, "I only want 2 girlfriends, not too many!"

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