Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sniff, sniff, My little guy is growing up so fast.

It's back to school time. I've noticed all the supplies out for parents to purchase, eager to get rid of their kids, I mean send them back to school! I, on the other hand, will still be home with all 3 children as my oldest just turned 3. I've got a couple of years to go.

Whoa! Side note: As I was just typing, Cole said to me, "Mom, I want to watch Bow-Chick-a-Wow-Wow" Me - "What?!! What did you just say?" To me it sounds like an impression of, um, well, you know. And he says it again, "Mom, I want to watch Bow-Chick-a-Wow-Wow!" and this time he is holding the 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' movie. Whew! Maybe I need to watch this with him and see where that music is coming from. What is it rated? I'm sure it's just me with my mind in the gutter, but you never know.

Now where was I? Oh, my little guy is growing up. He had his very first check-up at the dentist today. He was such a little man about it. No melt downs and completely cooperative. I have seen some adults at the dentist with less composure. Not to mention he laid out all of his charm. I went to the dentist last week for a check-up, and I brought him with so he could get acquainted with the whole process before it was his turn. He just loves our hygienist, Miss Donna, and wanted to bring her a present. He brought her an elephant that he colored and picked a flower for her. As soon as he saw her, he ran and gave her a big hug and then gave her, her presents. Luckily, the man in the chair has children and didn't mind the interruption.

When it came to his turn he was an old pro, you'd think we do this everyday. He was just amazingly well-behaved. I didn't even know he could do that! He was so excited he got to pick a toy from the BIG treasure chest and ran around most of the office giving high fives to everyone. This coming from the same little boy who likes to tell me he's a "shy guy".

After the dentist we went to pick-up the van after having the AC fixed. We returned the rental and got loaded back up into our van, when he said "(Sigh), my van, it's messy and dirty but it's quiet. I missed my van."

Slow down Cole! Don't grow up on me too fast. I'm enjoying this and want to savor it, please!

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  1. I Love this picture of him! It's so cool that he, Sean and Katie can all read this when they get older... they'll really treasure it.