Sunday, January 18, 2009

Am I a Masochist?

Working out with Betsy is a little like Sadism and Masochism. You know, S and M, but without all the leather and bondage gear. I think she may get a little too much enjoyment out of my pain. Oddly enough, I keep going back for more. I noticed she watches my face intensely for a reaction when she shows me a new exercise to do. I must be very expressive, I know she is secretly trying to kill me and it must show. She has me doing exercises that I didn't know was possible for my body to do. I have got to say though, she really, really knows what she is doing. I have been giving it my all and I have lost 5 lbs already. (Yeah me!)

With the kids being sick this week, I wasn't able to get to the gym for cardio and have been doing it at home in the evenings. I still made my sessions with her and obviously it has been effective, but I missed going to the Y everyday. It makes me feel special and worthy when I go (queue Dana Carvey.) The time, it's all about me. Plus, I'm guaranteed to get a shower, which in a normal day is no small feat!

Back to Betsy, I know how tough and intimidating she looks. She could kick my butt in a heartbeat. (Wait, she already does. Twice a week, at that!) But underneath the toughness, she is a very genuine person. What you see is what you get. I absolutely adore her.

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