Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is that smell?!

I have come to a conclusion. I am responsible for too many booties. Six to be exact, two of them I don't wipe but I do still have to pick up the poo: Cole, Sean, Katie, Bandit, Princess and my own. 6! I realized this because it is on my daily checklist of things to do. Making sure everyone has pooed for the day, and if not breaking out the apple juice or fiber bars.

"Mom! Come wipe my booty!"

"Cole, you need to learn to wipe it yourself."

"I can't do it!"

"You can, see you take the tissue like this and wipe from front to back. See, it's that easy."

"Mom. There is still poo on my butt."

"No there is not. Pull your pants up, flush the potty and wash your hands."

"Mom. There is poo on my butt."

"Cole, bend over and touch your toes. See, there is no poo on your butt and if you are going to be that critical of my butt wiping skills, then you really need to be wiping your own booty!"


  1. haha, yeah, this conversation takes place in my home too.

  2. Have you been eavesdropping on conversations at my house?! I have the same conversations with Cole and Bella all the time!

  3. Wait- is this what I have to look forward to??