Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you have bad news, you'd better tell me today!

So, I have been working out every single day. I do weight training twice a week, and cardio every day. If I can't get to the gym for cardio, I make sure and get outside and walk. I wear my heart monitor so I can set my pace right.

Well, Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment for a check-up and cleaning. I mentioned how my crown has been bothering me. It has been giving me an earache and sore throat type of feeling. Well they scheduled me for a root canal immediately. So I found myself at the endodontist yesterday morning getting a root canal instead of the gym. Unfortunately that was the only time I had to work-out. The twins had their 1 yr check-up with 3 shots each after that. They have been cranky, fussy and running fevers ever since. They just want me to hold them. I know that is normal and to be expected, but man I really missed my workout. I am on edge. I think I have gotten addicted to it. With them running fevers, I can't take them to the gym's child watch. So I have to wait until Olivia gets home from school, so she can watch the kids for me. I am just clock watching until it's time to pick her up. I guess this must be how a junkie feels when they need a fix. If it wasn't so freaking cold outside, I put the kids in the wagon and go. (Can't really use the stroller for all three, and Cole just doesn't like the speed walking thing.)

The good news is even though my jaw is sore from the root canal, it stills so much better than the earache that I have had for the last 8 months. I had been to about 5 different doctors trying to figure out that damn pain. Not one suggested I go see a dentist, that maybe it was being caused by a tooth. Oh well. At least between working out regularly and the pain gone, I feel about 10 years younger! I actually feel so damn good, I can't even be mad.

Oh. I have also hit a plateau. Betsy told me it would happen, but it also still sucks. I still feel so good, I can't be mad about it. TMI ALERT: As if the root canal and the twins shots weren't enough on the same day, I also started my period. What do I do? Instead of being upset, pissed or hormonal, I am tickled because I actually had a normal 28 day cycle. I don't think I have ever done that in my life. It has got to be the regular exercise and diet.

So I guess if you want to piss me off, today would be the day. I'd probably just laugh it off anyway.


  1. Wow, both good news and bad news, huh? I'm happy that the root canal made you feel better, in the long run. It must be nice to not have that chronic ear pain every day. And I totally understand how you can be on edge when you don't get to work out, esp when you've got your groove going and you're looking forward to a good workout.

  2. Must be the day of the dentist. I just posted about my visit there this morning.

    I saw your thing on MC about referrals to the YMCA. It is expensive. We are already members tho, so that won't help you. But if you can continue at the Y, that's great, but if you can't...then just do what you can. I gained a HUGE amount of weight with my 3 pregnancies and was able to get it all off the first 2 times, and almost all off the 3rd time. And there were times when I wasn't a member of a gym and just walked...speed walked...with weights, not a liesurly stroll...around the neighborhood first thing in the morning, so my husband could watch the kids...and was able to lose a lot of weight (30 + lbs.)by just walking and eating healthy.

    I also hit a plateau and changed some things up to get past it. Keep does become a habit. :)

    so glad you are feeling the positive effects of your hard work. awesome!

  3. I am so happy for you that you are addicted to working out. That rush, that excitement is a great feeling and makes it all worth it, doesn't it?