Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It IS all about me, right?

As you noted in my previous blog, I just turned the big 3-5. Yep, Thirty-Five. 35. During the celebration of my birthday and watching the Panthers have their butts handed to them, I made an off-handed remark, "It's all about me! Right?" I have never said those words before, but have heard them jokingly by other people. It got me to thinking about the phrase.

It's all about me. Right?

I realize in this time of my life, it is really hard not to lose "Stacy." I play so many roles to so many: Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend, chauffeur, housekeeper (yes I had the gall to list it!), dog-walker, cook, Dr Mommy. Just all of it. It's easy to forget who I am at my core. I find sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in my roles, that I neglect myself. I feel this blog is helping me hold onto my identity. That Stacyness that makes me, me! "I love me some me!" (Thanks TO for that phrase!)

I constantly crack myself up. Just the other day, Alex and I had taken the kids to the park. We ran into an old friend. Old as in we've known her forever; I'm not calling her old. Wait, I'm old, so she must be too....I digress...I noticed though as we were talking, I kept telling her the prices I paid for stuff. Like I found this bottled water at Sam's club for $3.88 for 30 bottles. Yeah! I know! Great deal. But then I had to tell her about something else I got a good deal on at Sam's as well. I started asking myself "why in the world do I feel I need to tell the price?" I'm guessing I was excited about saving money and wanting to share where the deals are at. I don't know.

But now I've noticed how much I do that! I even tell Alex the prices of stuff. He doesn't care. He is always sweet and listens to me, but why do I feel the need to do that? I'm just writing it off as the Quirkiness of Stacy.

Footnote: AC is working intermittently. I was able to take a shower, so I no longer smell like a monkey. We found a Wii Fit and I love it, even if the damn thing told me I am obese! I know it, I don't need a machine to tell me that! Still have the lines on the TV and my breasts, but I will just learn to live with those. *Sigh*


  1. Stace, we are only as old as we feel, right? Granted some days I think I should be getting social security checks. :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the water Friday, keep sharing the deals!

    love you guys!

  2. Too funny! I do the same thing when I find a good deal. I will email everyone in my address book just in case they, too, want to pick up the exciting find that I discovered! Don't think of it as being quirky, think of it as doing a service for others...:)

    Love your blog, I will be back!