Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now He Got Game!

Let me tell you, Cole has got game! He loves the ladies and the ladies love him! If there is a pretty girl around, you'll find him right next to her. He likes to 'get hurt' and have her kiss his boo-boo. If I say anything he'll give me this warning look like "Don't you mess this up for me Mom!" I think my days of kissing his boo-boos have passed. He now uses it as a pick-up line and all the girls fall for it. Girls of all ages.

So he has a girlfriend at his Preschool - Rory. They have been best buds since he started there at 10 weeks. To say that they adore each other would be an understatement. For the longest time, he was a one woman man, Rory and that was it. The world revolved around Rory and still does for the most part. That is how I got him potty trained - telling him he'll get to go to Rory's class if he pee-pees in the potty. But now, he is noticing there are other fish in the sea, and he has plenty of tartar. Rory is a few weeks older than him, and I've noticed he tends to like the older girls.

At the park last week, there was a pretty blond haired girl who was probably 6 years old with really long legs and the cutest little girl outfit that she could twirl around in. There were also about 4 littles boys his age. He decided to follow and play with the pretty girl until she left and then he went to play with the boys.

Last Sunday we had some friends over during the Panther game, and again Cole 'hurt' his foot. So he came to show me and I asked if he wanted me to kiss it. "No, She fiss it!" He then let Abby, who is 4, lead him by the waist and elbow and had her play doctor! She checked it out and gave him instructions on how to care for it. She'll have a promising career later if she so chooses!

Today was the topper of it all! This morning I met up with some fellow Moms for coffee. One of them has the prettiest little 3 year old, Ella. So she and Cole are playing and Ella came up to me and said, 'He won't kiss me' or 'He want kiss me'. Knowing my son, it was probably the latter. I look over at Cole and he is standing there looking kind of sad. Ella walks back over to him and whispers something to him. They hug and kiss right on the lips! Well okay son! Then he 'hurt' his finger and Ella kissed it better. As we were leaving, they ran towards each other like a scene out of Chariots of Fire and hugged good-bye.

Yet still we went back to our normal park and with it being an overcast day today, there were not many children there. Just as I parked the van 2 other cars pulled up, and each had a 3 year old little girl in it.

We all made pretty quick friends. There was a pretty little blond that jumped right into the van as I was getting all the children out. Her name is Alex and her mom, Anna, was from Russia. They were both so beautiful, they could've been models. Alex just took Cole by the hand and led him right into the park. Well the other Mom, Sophia, is from Greece and she and Thalia are both beautiful as well. So here we have a little blond beauty and a greek beauty. Since Alex just jumped in our van, Sophia and Thalia thought we knew each other and Thalia was a little shy to join them. So I called the two over and introduced them all. Well at first the 2 little girls didn't want to share Cole's attention. They both were trying to pull him in different directions. So Cole, started pulling both of them and got them all playing together. It was just so incredible and hilarious at the same time. Now He Got Game!


  1. Omgosh that is adorable!!! Yep, he's my cousin alright:)

  2. Stacy & Alex, get ready... you've got a little 'Cassanova' there!