Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A 'new addition' to our family

I just want to give a quick shout-out to my niece Olivia. (See I'm already trying to pick-up the teen lingo! But I think I'm more of an old fuddy-dud) As you all know, my sister had 2 strokes in April, so as a family we have decided that Olivia stay with us for a little while so Amy can focus on healing. Before her strokes, none of us really knew much about strokes. So we all feel we are getting the crash course and trying to learn as we go. I think it was unrealistic of all of us to think Amy could be healed in just a few short months and able to return to her old self. Hopefully, with Olivia here, Amy will be able to give herself the time needed to heal properly. We all keep forgetting, she would've been in rehabilitation if she had better insurance. So how can we expect her to jump right back into her life and manage it all?

I have felt guilty like I have neglected my blog, so I promise, to get back to writing now that the dust is starting to settle again. Which just means I need to clean more, I guess.

Oh and as a side funny, I fell down the stairs this morning! I have a big goose egg on my knee, so I am sitting here with it up and ice on it. I wish someone could've at least seen it, I'm sure it was pretty hilarious. Oh well. Just picture it in your head.

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  1. Oh yay Olivia! She is so pretty in this picture.

    Yup, if I was there I would have DEFINATELY laughed at you falling down the stairs! Well, after I made sure you were okay!

    See you in the am for coffee! You're still coming right? Keep your cell on, just in case my van wants to break down on me. :(