Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So, there is another blog I love to follow. Sara Life in Words, and she does a blog every Wednesday called 'Wordless Wednesday'. Last week her Wednesday blog was about what happens when her 4 year old gets a hold of her digital camera and it cracked me up! Her daughter actually took the pictures herself.

So looking on my own camera, I noticed Olivia had taken some pictures as well. My mind flashed back to Sara's blog, and I decided I had to post what happens when a 16 year old girl gets a hold of my camera. All I have to say, is thank goodness she's pretty! Here you go:


  1. Awe! You would think Abby didn't take pics like this, but at 4 years old yup.. There is about 10 of her! hehehe

    Olivia you are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Olivia, you are beautiful, sweetie! Stacy, that's great that you posted these! Teenage girls are the worst with those digital cameras!!! Sara, get ready, Abby is already a cute little doll!