Friday, September 12, 2008

Spacey Stacy

Oh Spacey Stacy - living up to your nickname these days! I don't know if anyone knows this but I love to laugh. It just feels good. Sometimes I'm told I need to 'not pick' so much, but I just can't help myself. One of my favorite people to laugh at/with is myself. I am always cracking myself up! Alex will laugh sometimes and just shakes his head. He knows I'm crazy, but I am very entertaining (at least in my own head.) Sometimes I'll crack myself up so bad I am in tears and can barely catch my breath. He'll ask whats so funny and when I tell him, he is like, "oh, okay." Then he has this look like, I knew this when I married her. (Flash to the old 80's movies with the typical nerd and glasses snorting when they laugh. That's me!)

So last night Alex said to me, "Some guys at work and I are thinking about trying the new Hooters that is opening Uptown tomorrow for lunch. They are bringing in their A Team."

So I hear: "I really want to go out to lunch with the guys tomorrow and not bring my lunch in, are you cool with that? Oh, and The A-Team will be there."

I respond, "Sure, okay. Why do you want to see The A-Team?" He looks at me confused, then knowing me the way he does, he gets it.

"Not 'The A-Team', their A Team, the best team of Hooters Girls. The team that goes around opening up the new restaurants."

"Oh thank God! I couldn't figure out for the life of me why you'd want to go see Mr. T. That's much better. Yeah go, have a good time!" (I pity 'da fool! Ha ha ha!)


So this morning I was feeding the twins their breakfast of yogurt and cereal. Sean is such a messy eater. He likes to get the food in his mouth and smoosh it out so it runs down his chin while smiling. He chews on his fingers and the food gets all over them and they wander all over his face. When I feed them, I feed them at the same time and alternate bites. So when I look back at him, he is smiling this bashful smile with his hair covered in goo. This morning was no different, but it was particularly covered and starting to dry. I took a wet paper towel and cleaned Katie first since she was less messy. Go on to Sean and clean his hands and his face. His hair is just a mess! So instead of going and rinsing the paper towel (Come'on that would mean walking across the kitchen and back!) I decide to just lick his head clean. It was really good too, kind of tasted like blueberry muffin mix before you bake it. Yum!

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  1. OMG, you are CRAZY!!! And we joke around about me being a little crazy!!! You topped me with that last one! Damn girl your not a cat!