Saturday, August 2, 2008

Are you 3 or are you 13?

Cole never ceases to amaze me. Everyday, I think I've got it and it's all under control, but he somehow shocks me everyday. Luckily, today is a good kind of shock. He got up, made his bed, went pee-pee in the potty, brushed his teeth and got dressed with a little help, of course, but there were no tears, no fussing or anything. He seemed happy to do it!

Well he asked for waffles for breakfast and I gladly made them for him. When we sat down at the kitchen table he says, "'Member, you need to get the babies. 'Member?" I told him I had already fed the babies and I could just sit and eat with him. "Aw, Mom, how sweet" and he reaches over and pats my hand. Where does he get these things from?

"Do I get to go to school today and eat my lunch?"
"No, sweetheart, there is no school today. It's Saturday."
"(Sigh) Oh, okay"
"Cole did you see where I left my coffee?"
"Mo-om, no coffee, 'member, we need to drink our milk first 'member? That was so sweet"
"What was sweet honey?"
"Daddy bring you flowers. Aw Daddy, he's so sweet"

Am I really have this conversation with my little baby boy? How old are you son? By my records you are only 3. He is just growing up so fast, I'm afraid to blink my eyes!

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