Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am still recovering from the state of shock I have been in from the past couple of days. I just can not explain how much fun it has been here! The days are running together. So Tuesday night Alex didn't get home until 9 at night. I think he was expecting to come home to a quiet house with the kids all asleep and just have a second to unwind after a 14 hour day, but no I had different plans! (Evil wife)

So my sweet little angel, Katie, was sound asleep in her bed. Sean on the other hand, was crying his little eyes out. We were trying to have him 'cry it out'. Well Cole couldn't sleep for Sean's crying, so I told him he could stay up for a bit. Well, when I realized Sean was just getting worked up and not settling down, I went upstairs to comfort him. He threw up all over his mattress. Alex comes home, the TV is still on with Cole watching it (an hour past his bedtime) oh and the TV is having issues. It has black vertical lines - think thin jail bars. I think Alex just saw dollar signs flying out the window along with the HD Football season. So we finally get everyone cleaned up, bedding changed and ready for bed and realize it's our own bedtime. So no dinner for either of us. We must've been bad and Karma was punishing us.

So last night Alex gets home at a quarter of 7. Much earlier. Hooray! Still walks into a house of chaos and no dinner. We were out of baby cereal so we had run across the street to get it, which put us way behind schedule. The twins are like mini-celebrities. People just come out of the woodwork to talk to them/me. 25 minutes. That's how long it took to just run in real fast for cereal.

Got home and started feeding Cole and the twins dinner right away. Well Sean decided his tummy was still upset and he had had enough. So he gave me back everything he'd eaten. So I grab him out of his chair, run to the sink and start washing him off. I just threw a towel over his highchair so I could clean it after dinner. As I am at the changing table changing his outfit, I hear Cole complaining, 'Why does Katie get to eat with her fingers? I don't get to!'

Oh no. This is not going to be good. I left the carrots on her tray and our walls are white. Crap! So I get Sean settled and just walk into the kitchen with camera in hand. That's when Alex gets home. He sees Sean fussing on the floor with toys, a highchair with a towel over it, I am only feeding one baby who is covered in carrots and to boot, Cole is running around like a I had just shot him up with pure sugar, who I am yelling at to come sit down and finish his dinner!

Two nights in a row! He asked me what I needed. I told him to go upstairs and get changed and take a minute for himself, because when he comes back I am going to need his help. When he came back I was getting Katie washed off and working on both highchairs. I asked him if he was hungry, and he looked at me with guilty eyes, 'Yes.' I laughed so hard. I told him I was hungry too but I wasn't going to cook if he wasn't hungry.

So I have got to go now, I have LOTS of laundry to catch up on since I have been cleaning up sickness for 2 days straight now. I have to laugh at all this. I do. When I think we spent almost $100k to have these 3 kids and to have this chaos. Wow! I'm either really brave or really stupid, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So I basically paid $100k to live in chaos, and I am fully content down to every ounce of my soul....Hmmm.

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  1. Awe hun! I would pay 100k ten times over for my sweet kids.. as I know you would too! *Hugs*

    BTW, Tag You're It!