Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Fantasy Football Baby! Yeah! I'm so ready for regular season. I had a great draft and I am pumped!

I haven't accepted Lady is gone. I feel like she is just away being boarded. She's going to come home any day I know....

There REALLY are crazy people on the Internet with bad intentions. I just told one of them off on a forum I like to visit and it felt good! (You want to talk about hormones, oh I'll show you hormones! I don't know who she thinks she is!)

I can't stand when people don't yield to pedestrians in the crossing zones in front of stores. I am quite a sight with a 3 yr old on my shoulders pushing a double stroller with store bags, purse, and diaper bag. Don't ACT like you can't see me. I'm a walking spectacle!

When you whisper a cuss word under your breath, your 3 yr old will wake up and repeat it for at least 5 minutes. If you say it in a normal voice, they never notice it.

Wine and food always taste better when you share it.

I like the smell of my babies' farts. (Now there is something you don't hear everyday!)

As a kid, my Mom knew it all! As a teenager, she didn't know a thing. Now I realize she really did know it all!

It's better to be a source of knowledge than a know-it-all.

I need to set up a video camera outside my home. When ever I am trying to get all the kids loaded and buckled into the van, Bandit always escapes. I chase him around the van and he jumps through the side doors. Round and round we go. I finally catch him in the front seat. I punk him to make him think I'm running around the van and when he jumps seats, I grab him. I bet I could win money on AFV. I just need Charlie Chaplin music in the background.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, I totally agree with you on most stuff, but not the baby farts...sorry! As far as the person on-line, you tell em'!!! I'm sure I'd agree with whatever you long as it's not about 'baby smells' (ha ha).

    People who go to fast in front of stores really piss me off!!! I could NEVER imagine doing that especially to a woman pushing a baby stroller. What's the matter with people!!! And you were actually carrying Cole on your shoulders, OMG!!! What a FREAKIN SCUM BAG!!! It is NEVER ok to drive over 20mph in a parking lot, NEVER.

    You know I love Bandit, but I don't have the patience you have. I can't imagine you chasing that dog around the van! He's such a rascal, but he's so lovable!!! This "comment" has gotten too long, you know I'll talk to you soon! Love Ya!