Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are You Putting Your Boobies In?

Now that Cole is 3, I am very aware of my own nakedness. I have started wearing PJs most nights to bed. I just find it so restricting. I haven't worn PJ's since, I don't know 8 or so. I think I would wear them when I had a sleepover, but I really don't remember. But it is a habit I know I need to do and I am working on it. Up to this point, I would bring Cole into the bathroom and give toys to play with on the floor so I could take a shower.

Something has changed in the past few weeks. He is becoming more aware that there are differences, so I stopped letting him see me and started telling him Mommy needs privacy when she gets dressed. Well this morning he got up a little earlier than usual and just walked right into the bathroom as I was getting changed. Of course he caught me right as I was putting my bra on.

"Are you putting your boobies in?"
"Yes, honey. Now scoot, I need to get dressed. I'll be out in just a minute."

For the last few months I've noticed he calls everyone, He or Him never She or Her. I would always correct him and try to teach him. No honey, SHE is a lady so we say SHE when referring to HER. See you are a boy and SHE is a girl. He's never gotten this concept.

So today after the booby comment, I realized I probably need to do what I have been putting off for a while and address this. We had previously taught him the word penis.

"No don't jump on Daddy there! That hurts him"
"But why?"
"Well, uh, see, uh, boys, well, um, you know where your pee-pee comes out? That is called your penis and it hurts boys if they get kicked, or jumped on, or punched there. So you need to play nice with Daddy"

I knew he got the concept the very next morning because he ran into the kitchen as I was feeding the twins breakfast. "Mommy I hurt my penis!!!"
"Oh, you did? What did you do?" I noticed no tears, he wasn't holding himself and his voice was pretty even keel.
"Well I was moving table..."
"What? What were you doing?"
"I was moving table with my penis and it hurts"
"Yes honey, penises are not meant to move furniture with, I just suggest you don't do that anymore. You're okay, do you want some carrots and oatmeal? No? Well okay, Sean seems to really like it."

So as I was changing each of the twins diapers this morning and I asked for him to help me. I showed him, "See Sean has a penis, like you and Daddy, and Katie doesn't." Oh crap, I'm winging it. What do I call it if he asks what hers is called? Maybe I should've prepared myslef a little more for this. Well too late now. Hopefully he doesn't ask. "See Sean is a boy and has a penis, and Katie is a girl and she doesn't."

I finished changing each of their diapers and we played a game, Boy or Girl? I named just about everyone I could think of that he knows including the dogs. He has definitely got the concept. I think I got lucky he didn't ask any questions and just took it as is. Whew! So he understands the difference between boys and girls, but not the potty and his pull-up! What! This kid is so playing me!

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