Monday, August 4, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

I've heard of Tag Team Wrestling, but Tag Team Crying? Yes, my twins have created a new game and I call it Tag Team Crying. Isn't that fun? It is just my favorite of all games, EVER!

Seriously, I feel I have had a run of it. They are both teething and bored with all their current toys. I have swings, exersaucers, jumpers, playmats and these other things that dangle over them. They are just tired of it all. I can't hold them every minute of the day. Alex said it's okay for them to fuss a little, but sometimes I just can't take it. (Think of the scene from airplane, where everyone is lined up to slap the lady, telling her to "Pull it together!" Slap!) That's me sitting in that chair.

I get one settled into an activity and the other starts crying, and I just go back and forth with a little extra for Cole in there. Before I know there hungry again, how did three hours already pass by? Not only are the Tag Team Crying, but the are also Tag Team Napping! Fun!

On a side note, Cole fell at the pool yesterday and got his first fat lip. He cryed for about 5 seconds and then was just cool about it. My insides lurched but I remained calm on the outside. He had blood running down his chest and Alex's back as he carried him to get cleaned up. Alex and I kept asking , 'Bud you okay, does it hurt - do want some medicine to make it feel better?'
'No, I fine'

I know I would have whined about it all day! Probably taken a couple of Tylenol and who knows what else!

Well gotta go, Katie needs a teething ring and Sean has a diaper full of....
What Cole? Yes, I know you want ice cream? Oh, you think it will make your lip feel better? It will, well ok. No rest for the weary...

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