Monday, August 18, 2008

The House of Ewws!

Achoo! Eww, need a tissue quick! I don't care what it is just grab something QUICK!

That has been the sound of our house for the past 3 days. First I came down with a cold, no problem, I'm the Mom. It's my job to tough it out. Take a couple of Tylenol Cold and keep going, I'm the energizer bunny right? But now all three kids have it too to varying degrees. Well it may actually be a flu since there are muscle aches and stomach symptoms. Hence moving bath night up a night. (Calgon take me a way... not that kind of bath night. Darn! I could use it.) So on top of the twins with a cold, add on top they are both teething - Hooray - splendid. (Hope you didn't miss the sarcasm in the typing) Katie has a diaper/yeast rash that just doesn't want to go away and Sean has thrush in his mouth. Considering all of that, the babies really are being champs about it.

Cole on the other hand, has just a touch of it. Fever and sore throat, but the Motrin hooked him right up and he is running around playing with a hammer - plastic of course but loud none the less.

Alex is yet to come down with it, but I'm sure he will in the next few days. He has been working on a project for 9 months that accumulates this week. If the bugs don't get worked out, it will get pulled. So no stress there for him.

I've been worried about how I would handle it when we all get sick, now I know. I guess I should feel nostalgic, 'Aw, our first family cold'. Yeah I'm just not there yet.

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