Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, I am going to keep it brief today. Lady is not doing so well. She has been hanging on, having bad days and good days. She has Renal Failure. The last time we had her bloodwork checked it was still 3rd stage, not yet 4th stage. That was about 6 weeks ago and the doctor said it was borderline. She's not eating and anything she does get down, only stays for a visit before coming right back. She won't take any of her medications, not the pain meds or even the ones to calm her stomach. She's not drinking much water either. I fell apart agonizing what to do, let nature takes it's course or ease her suffering. Alex and I had a long talk before deciding to wait one more week and then discussing it again. It also helped that the day we were talking she was having a good day. She was able to walk down the stairs herself, and was able to just sit outside for a bit sucking in all the sunshine and light wind. She knows what is happening, I can see it in her face and eyes. She is not done living right now. She is taking pleasure where she can and is really living in the moment. She felt a little frisky and treated us to a howling session and got herself so wound up she even gave us her signature nose-nip to show us how happy she is.

I asked the doctor what she feels going through all these and he equated it to having a real bad flu, but no real pain, just tired and not feeling well. He said I should go ahead a bring her in. So as long as she is still having good moments, a tail wag and smile for me, I can't take that away from her. The day may come soon that I'll need to take her for her final visit at the vet, but it's not yet. I love you Lady. Hang in there.

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