Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wow! Historic Craven Farms

Cole attended a birthday party today and man was it a great time for everybody! This blog may end up sounding like a commercial for Craven Farms, but I assure they did not pay me. I was just blown away! This place had goats the children could feed, a pig, chickens running around (which surprisingly is a BIG hit for 3 year old. Who knew?) and the icing on the cake was the unlimited pony rides!

They had cowboy hats for every child to wear, hay bundles to sit on, and a lot of other things. It was a true working farm and I loved it. I told Alex let's sell the townhouse and do this! A little bit of land out in the country, ah, a girl can dream. I could tell by looking around, this isn't all they do, but it's a great way to supplement income. Oh the smiles on all the children's faces!

I could also tell it is not just set up for small children alone. There were definitely things for older children to do, they just had it safely blocked off for the little ones. Maybe I can have the twins 3rd birthday party there! I know Cole had a blast, but I think Alex and I may have just as much fun or more. Yes, Cole did ride the pony and he wasn't scared in the least. After his turn, he petted the pony's side and said, "Thank you for the ride." What, is that MY son? Whoa!

(Note: pictures to come)

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